What is the Science Club?

Each year you will have the chance to compete against or investigate with other members in science related events which will be organized by the Club.  Many of these events challenge you to be creative and enhance your scientific thinking during your School days. Science Club members also have the opportunity to participate in Inter School, Intra School and also Club level Activities and Competitions related to Science & its fields. 

Who is the in-charge of the Club?

Though the School Science HOD is the in-charge of the Club, teachers involved with Science Department will also be assigned in-charge heads for different activities.

Who are the members of the Club?

Science representatives for each class from Grade 4 to 10 will be the members of the Club & these members will select the President and Wise President of the Club.

What are the Science Club rules?

Good behavior is expected at all science club events.  Behavior that puts the safety of others at risk will result in the loss of science club privileges for the remainder of the year.  Members with failing grades will be considered ineligible until those grades improve.

How does the Club Function?

Club level meeting will be organized every fortnight. 2 Club level events for both the terms and 2 Major events for both the terms will be planned and executed.