SLATE is run by the English Department of the school. The head of the department along with the English teachers organizes two big events: one in each term to create the love for the language among students. These activities can bring books and authors to life in the classroom, out of classroom or even at home. The activities designed and organized by SLATE are chosen based on the age of the participants and are tailored to fit any piece of literature.

The main aim of this club is to bring out the true linguists in our students. SLATE has been planning various events for the students each year. This year, the SLATE will be focusing on encouraging students to express themselves through various activities.
One big event that will be held like the previous years is the Inter-Class Spelling Bee Competition. This activity is focused on all the students of the school starting from In-class rounds to Inter-class rounds. Inter-class rounds are held on a competitive spirit.

Another big event that will be held is The English Literary Activities which would help students to learn about allusions and references to different aspects of English culture. Students learn to enjoy and appreciate literature which would give them the ability to develop their skills into an interest in books and reading as they move away from their studies and into their adult lives.

GIS Read is also another event that has become a part of GIS which gives the students the confidence to approach and tackle new forms of books and writings in the future. This year, we are looking forward to conduct a ‘kick off’ day to start off this special program. SLATE has planned to have various activities from ‘reading aloud’ to games and other activities.

Like the previous year, we will be conducting ‘The Poet in Me’ workshop for students who are interested as the club received great support for the program. We are also looking forward to produce young journalists and creative writers in GIS. Thus, SLATE will be conducting various workshops on these in which students will be exposed to a variety of literature and to a far more creative career such as journalism. Above all, these activities can help to add a refreshing and further dimension to a student’s life.

Upcoming Events