News and Events

'Science Fusion 2017', held on 24th & 25th August 2017, was an event initiated by the school Science Club which is run by the Science Department. The work for the School Science Fair began from a blue print and ended in a day and half exhibition during which, parents and public got to see 84 exhibits prepared by the students under the guidance of their teachers and parents. A lot of support was given to this event; specially by the parents - their cooperation and motivation were remarkable. Also, the work done by all the teachers in the Science Department was also worth-praising as they contributed immensely to organise and set up the exhibits.

Under a programme by the name of "Chat with Champions" , initiated by the Maldives Olympic Committee, Mr. Steve Frew, a Scottish gymnast and Commonwealth gold medalist, visited GIS to chat with the students of grades 6 and above,  in a special assembly on 28th August, 2017