A teachers' team from GIS visited Ashley School, UK to gain new learning experience in order to enhance their teaching methodologies. During their stay from 04th to 13th June 2017, the teachers observed best practices and exchanged ideas on developing Project Based Learning (PBL) as well. Since our Principal Mr. Thoha Saleem created the link between GIS and Ashley, we have maintained the mutual benefits.
PBL is a great learning experience for our students which allow them expand their intellectual ability, creativity, critical thinking and also give them the opportunity to build their confidence to face various challenges such as speaking about something newly learned or even prepare and present different powerpoint presentations based on the themes they learn during the process of PBL.
GIS wishes to thank the teachers who have visited Ashley before and this year too as every new challenge the teachers face is a new challenge for our students.

Teachers' Team:
1. Moimina Ali  Shakir (Key Activitý Cordinator)
2. Fathmath Muna (Key Activity Coordinator)
3. Malha Ahmed Shareef (Special Educator)
4. Shazma Mohamed (Primary teacher)
5. Hawwa Khalisa (Primary teacher)
6. Sheeza Abdul Rasheed (Primar teacher)