Al Hafiz Ahmed Nabeeh from Imaduddin School and Al Hafiz Nadhih from Kalaafaanu School  were invited to recite in today's special assembly of  "Dheenee Dharus"  at GIS. 

The two students are exemplary students in the field of Qur'an recitation  and have attained the Al Hafiz status after reciting the Noble Qur'an by heart.  

Al Hafiz Nadhih is the youngest student to have been granted this title after reciting the Qur'an to the Hafiz Committee last year at the age of 11. He has achieved success in many national competitions including getting the first place in the National Qur'an competition from the  Hafiz category. He participated in the King Abdul Azeez International Holy Qur'an Award in Suadi Arabia in 2016 in the Hafiz category and competed in the finals as the youngest contestant. Also he   recently participated in the Dubai International  Holy Qur'an Award and competed in the finals.  

Al Hafiz Nabeeh  is diagnosed with Autism and is  studying in the SEN class of Imaduddin School. He learnt the Qur'an by heart within 3 months. He is recognised as the Hafiz who learnt the Qur'an by heart, the fastest and the most fluently. He has partciciaped in a number of Qur'an competitions and won many awards.  He is also commended for his recitation of Madhaha. His parent presented the school a copy of the audio album of his Madhaha.  GIS believes these student achievements should be recognised by all and these students are an inspiration to other students

While we generally invite such inspirational students and people to "GIS Talks", we believe Ramazan is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the success of these two talented boys and thus included this segment in the "Ramazan Dharus" which is held on every Monday and Wednesday during the month of Ramazan. 

The two students were presented with a token and opportunity was given to all  students who wished  to take a photo with the two students.  

GIS wish the two students all the best in their future.