18 students , 2 teachers and 7 parents left to Hanoi, Vietnam on 24th June, to participate in the Global Round of the World Scholar's Cup, 2017.

GIS hosted the first ever Regional  Round of the WSC in the Maldives, last April with three other International schools joining in. The students who qualified from the Regional Round gets to participate in the Global Round. This year the Globals are to be held in three countries in three different continents.   GIS chose to travel to Vietnam.

The team consist of 1 Senior team and 5 junior teams. The teams were accompanied by Deputy Principal Ms, Shirmeena Faheem, English HOD Ms. Saroj Wilson and 7 parents.

GIS participated in all the Rounds of the World Scholar's Cup in 2016 and the students won many medals and trophies. We are sure, this year the teams will be more successful.

GIS participates in such activities, not merely for medals and trophies, but for the experience and the knowledge that students gain through such events. Participation always precedes winning at GIS.  The wealth of  knowledge gained through the WSC curriculum definitely adds to their factual repertoire . Far more memorable and long lasting and meaningful would be the  experience of travelling to different destinations and seeing the world, meeting and interacting with students of their own age from across the world, competing and debating with them and listening to world renowned speakers.

We wish the GIS Scholars all the best.