'Science Fusion 2017', held on 24th & 25th August 2017, was an event initiated by the school Science Club which is run by the Science Department. The work for the School Science Fair began from a blue print and ended in a day and half exhibition during which, parents and public got to see 84 exhibits prepared by the students under the guidance of their teachers and parents. A lot of support was given to this event; specially by the parents - their cooperation and motivation were remarkable. Also, the work done by all the teachers in the Science Department was also worth-praising as they contributed immensely to organise and set up the exhibits.

The exhibits were judged by six people who had Science background: 3 of them were from an NGO called ‘Science Enmenah’ Mr. Musannif Co-founder of the NGO, Mr. Shifaz & Mr. Azaan two senior members of the NGO, Mr. Senthil, the HOD of the Physics department of Imaduddin School, Ms. Sudha and Ms. Shoma from Shrieducare. The exhibits were judged based on a criterion which focused on major three areas: creativity, effectiveness and scientific content. Students presented these exhibits under 4 different categories: Primary 1 (Gr. 1 & 2), Primary 2 (Grades 3, 4 & 5), Middle (Gr. 6 & 7) and Secondary (Gr. 8 & 9) respectively.

Winning exhibits were announced at the opening assembly of the Science Fair during which, medals were distributed to the students by the Chief Guest of the gathering, PTA Vice Chairperson Mr. Fahir. The school Principal, PTA Academic Committee Chairperson Ms. Ifasha and PTA Activity Committee Chairperson Mr. Shaheer also gave away medals to winners.

GIS wishes to thank Mr. Prasad, the Head of Science Department, the teachers in the department for taking the initiative to organise and hold such a big event and the school management for providing such platforms for students to showcase their skills and use their knowledge in presenting their work. a