Every year, 5th of October is marked as International Teachers' Day. GIS also marks the day colourfully and to acknowledge and appreciate the relentless service rendered by the teachers, a variety of activities were organised and conducted for them on this day. To begin with, a red carpet honour was given to welcome the teachers who were also greeted by the school management (SMT), members of PTA Exco and Student Council and at the same time to grace the welcoming, a special 'Boduberu' item was also performed by a group of students of Gr. 6 & 7. Similar to previous years, the celebration began with a sumptuous breakfast followed by a special assembly hosted by the student council.

At the special assembly, Quran was recited by Ms. Sharumeela and the verses were translated by Ms. Shaheema; the flags were hoisted by Mr. Waheed and Ms. Seetha. Two teachers, Mr. Prasad and Ms. Ifasha spoke at the assembly sharing their thoughts for the day. A group of teachers teaching Islam and Dhivehi presented a very harmonious 'Bandhi' (a rhythmic poem) expressing their thoughts. The school Principal, Mr. Thoha also addressed all the teachers with an inspirational talk and ended it by highlighting that a token of appreciation is not enough compared to their hard work; he also pointed out that among the students there are exceptional, skillful, talented and even gifted ones yet somebody would always teach them and that somebody would always be a teacher and therefore all students were advised to always respect their teachers. The special assembly ended with an emotional poem recited by the President of the English Literary Association, Sarah Nasih.

After the assembly, the teachers enjoyed a couple games and sport activities conducted by the PE Department. The celebration continued after the session as well during which the teachers were given a surprise local lunch by the SMT. As the day went by, the teachers were also given relaxation treatments through Yoga, foot, neck and back massage which was a lavish segment of the day, specially prepared for the teachers.

The day ended that night with a special barbecue held at 'Rasfannu' beach which the teachers along with Admin staff enjoyed whole-heartedly.