Entrance to the school and exit from the school is through the main gate.
The main gate will be closed during the session times and will be open only at the beginning and end of the sessions for 10 minutes.
Students should wait in the area in front of the hall if the parents are not on time and wait until parents come to fetch them.


It is important that parents encourage children to be punctual and to attend school regularly. In case of absence from school parent should inform the school if unable to attend due to any reason. Parents can call up before 08:30 am

The school should be notified immediately of change in address or telephone number so that parents or guardians can be contacted quickly in the event of any illness or emergency.


Parents are requested to encourage students to follow the school uniform code(both daily and activity uniform).


The school would communicate to parents through official slips, SMS and E-Mails. Parents are advised to check with children if the school has sent any slips to parents. Information of daily activities is also displayed on the school notice board.


Parents can clarify any doubts from school office, academic coordinators and from other senior management members during the session time.